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I believe that a great diet is a cornerstone of good health and the absence of disease.  If the body is given proper nutrition, movement and relieved of physical and emotional toxins true health can be achieved.  The body has an amazing ability to heal itself, unfortunately the westernized countries have all but eliminated real food from their diets. This has resulted in epidemic of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease, obesity, and general fatigue and malaise.  In this section you will find links related to healthy eating, whole food dietary supplements, and cleansing.
Truly whole food supplements can be hard to come by.  After painstaking research I have found only a few companies that I trust.  The first is Standard Process.  They basically invented whole food supplements and have been around since the 1930s.  Because their supplements are of such high quality and effectiveness a majority of the supplements I use for myself and recommend for my clients are from Standard Process. 

I highly recommend everyone include more greens in their diet. That can be difficult to achieve for this reason I recommend a great product called Greens First. I also regularly recommend Fermented Cod Liver Oil (sounds gross, right?) It is a nutrient dense highly bio-available natural supplement. So it may be gross but its worth it....and it comes in capsules!  We all need probiotics, I carry 30 billion and 50 billon organisms from a great company called Advanced Naturals.

All of these products can be purchased through my office (online sales coming soon!). Please contact me if you would like more information about any of these products.
Synthetic Vitamins: Are your current supplements killing you? There are a lot of misleading labels out there.  Many times the words "natural" and "food based" are falsely used on synthetic vitamins.  The synthetic vitamins are not only ineffective and a waste of your money they can be dangerous to your health!  It can be so confusing trying to figure out what is good for you and what is dangerous here is a link to a great article on how to sort through the misleading information.
Salt and Iodine are very important for health, but table salt (sodium chloride) is poison and the supplemental iodine added to it is inadequate at best.  Switch to unrefined sea salt and forget your low sodium diet.  So where do you get Iodine if not from you table salt?  Iodine has been systematically eliminated from our diets resulting in epidemic iodine deficiency related thyroid problems and breast/ovarian dysfunction and cancers. Dr Brownstein has written some wonderful books on the importance of Iodine and Sea Salt in our diets.  One word of caution the Iodine that he recommends is Iodorol which is SYNTHETIC and I do not recommend use of Iodorol.  Prolamine Iodine made by Standard Process is the best iodine supplement I have found.  With that in mind I do highly recommend the information in Dr. Browsteins books.  Please contact me for alternative whole food sources of Iodine.
So what is a great diet?  There are so many conflicting diet regimens out there they change from year to year and contradict each other.  The truth is it is really simple and most of us already know the answer, but our addiction to processed refined food keeps us from admitting it.

Here are my top 6 recommendations that will make everyone healthier:

1. Eat whole natural foods. If your great great grandmother wouldn't recognize it, DON'T EAT IT. (this includes avoiding artificial sweeteners, white flour, refined sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and pretty much all processed food or food that is pre-prepared)
2. Eat a variety of raw and cooked vegetables and some fruit. Produce should be 50-70% of your diet and about 10-15% of that can be from fruit. If you choose to include grains and legumes in your diet limit those to about 10-15%  of your produce.
3. The other 30-50% of your diet is from a variety of naturally occurring proteins (not soy), naturally/humanely raised meats, and naturally occurring fats (including saturated fats).
4. Drink plenty of clean non-fluorinated water. The rule of thumb is to drink 1/2 of your weight in ounces per day.  (for example if you weigh 150lbs drink at least 75 ounces of water per day)
5. Keep your blood sugar regulated: Try to follow this ratio each time you eat: 15g protein: 20g carbohydrates: 10-20g fat.
6. Enjoy your food! Prepare your food with love! Make it beautiful and tasty (as you eliminate processed food from your diet beautiful natural food will begin to taste good to you again.)

If you would like individualized dietary advice and support please contact me.
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Below you will find resources and/or links to other websites that explain or echo my philosophy about health and healing.